Basic Science and Discovery Platform

Dr. Andrew Halayko


Platform Leader: Dr. Andrew Halayko





Team Members:

Dr. Michel Aliani
Dr. Carolyn Baglole
Dr. Yohan Bosse
Dr. Christopher Carlsten
Dr. James Davie
Dr. Gail Gauvreau
Dr. Robert Hancock
Dr. Jeremy Hirota
Dr. Richard Leigh
Dr. David Marsolais
Dr. James Martin
Dr. Neeloffer Mokherjee

Dr. Mathieu Morissette
Dr. Robert Newton
Dr. Paul O’Byrne

Dr. David Proud
Dr. Amir Ravandi
Dr. Martin Stampfli
Dr. Adrian West
Dr. John Wilkins
Aruni Jha


  • To identify markers and mechanisms of disease origin and progression that can be targets for novel drug and biomarker discovery for future pre-clinical studies and network clinical trials
  • interrogate biological specimens from human subjects in current cohorts for comprehensive molecular characterization.


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Biosignature for airway inflammation in a house dust mite-challenged murine model of allergic asthma.
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